Keene State College Computer Science Department

Program Overview

Computer science (CS) is the study of algorithms, including their formal and mathematical properties, hardware realizations and constraints, linguistic realizations, and applications. An algorithm is simply a procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. The computer scientist designs, develops, implements, and analyzes algorithms to solve important human problems.

In short, when you study CS, you learn to analyze human problems, and develop algorithmic systems that others will use to solve these problems. This makes it a most fascinating and rewarding field.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides students with a thorough grounding in a set of core courses in computer science (CS) and other related areas, followed by the opportunity to hone their CS education in certain areas of specialization.  The mandatory core covers essential courses in Programming, Web Technology, Computer Architecture, Mathematics, Data Structures & Algorithms, and Management. The specializations cover dominant areas of CS such as Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Web Development, Information Systems, and Computational Mathematics.

The anticipated end result is a set of graduates who are adequately prepared for their chosen vocation, be it graduate school, or employment.