Keene State College Computer Science Department


The mission of the Computer Science Department (CSD) is to offer and maintain a credible, forward-looking academic program that meets the following criteria: outstanding quality; relevant to the needs of computer science (CS) majors; representative of the dynamic, complex, and pervasive nature of the field.

The department’s primary vehicle for achieving this mission is its Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science. This academic program provides students with a thorough grounding in a set of core courses in computer science (CS) and other related areas, followed by the opportunity to hone their CS education in certain areas of specialization. The program consists of six specialization tracks: General Computer Science; Information Systems; Software Engineering; System and Networking; Web Development; and Computational Mathematics. This program construction is the first of its kind in the state of New Hampshire. The anticipated end result is production of CS graduates who are adequately prepared for their chosen vocation (be it graduate school, or employment), entering the marketplace equipped with competitive advantage.