Keene State College Computer Science Department


Question 1: What can I do with my CS degree?

Answer 1: A CS degree qualifies you to work in any professional environment in any of the following capacities: programmer, programmer/analyst, software engineer, technology analyst, network engineer, information technology (IT) specialist, etc. However, please be mindful that for positions such as software engineer and network engineer, there are typically different levels that you have to pass through, starting at the entry level. As you gain more experience and/or qualifications, you will typically grow into management positions.

Question 2: How do I adapt to new challenges and circumstances?

Answer 2: Your CS degree prepares you for that. Remember, CS involves among other things, the following: observing human problems (in various problem domains); developing algorithmic solutions to those problems; automating, testing, and evaluating those solutions ensure accuracy and efficiency. Most of your upper-level CS courses will challenge you to apply those steps.

Question 3: Will my CS degree prepare me for graduate school?

Answer 3: Most definitely! With a CS degree from KSC, you will be prepared for employment or graduate school. You will have the flexibility of taking whichever option you choose. That remains our primary focus, and we have an impressive track record of doing so.

Question 4: What if I subsequently choose to change my profession from CS to something else. Will my CS degree help?

Answer 4: Why would anyone want to stop being a CS professional? This is such a great profession! Have you noticed that almost everything in or 21st century world is driven by some aspect(s) of CS? We are the movers, shapers, and facilitators of contemporary world order! However, should you decide to change career, your critical thinking and problem-solving skills learned in your CS degree will serve you well.

Question 5: What may I do as a minor along with my CS degree?

Answer 5: Nowadays, you can do almost any minor with a CS major. However, traditionally speaking, there is a strong nexus between CS & Mathematics, CS &Management, and CS & Physics. At KSC, we encourage you to consider one of these three areas (Mathematics, Management, or Physics) as a prospective minor. In fact, if you are a strong student, we encourage you to consider a dual major in CS and Mathematics or CS and Management.  Since this requires careful planning, we do not encourage you to make this decision on your own, but rather to speak with an academic advisor or the department chair if you have such intentions.