Keene State College Computer Science Department

Student and Alumni Perspectives

James Dahlen

February 9, 2014

I greatly enjoyed the four years I spent at Keene State. I spent a lot of time in the Computer Science Building and in the CS Lab with friends and professors.  The staff/faculty were very nice and knowledgeable.  I wish I had asked more questions on many topics after experiencing the working computer science world.

Some of my favorite courses were:

  • Database Systems
  • Game Programming
  • Software Engineering Project
  • UNIX Systems
  • Mobile Application Development

I currently work for a small company in Connecticut where I develop eCommerce websites which handle large datasets that are also high traffic.  I also develop mobile applications for devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

Dan Garant

April 1, 2014

The KSC Computer Science department has had an enormous impact on my career. The faculty are incredibly encouraging, and apply just the right amount of pressure. At KSC I had the opportunity to work on fun, engaging, and fruitful research projects, community-oriented service learning projects, and interesting course assignments. This diverse curriculum spanning artificial intelligence, software engineering, and network security has prepared me well for both theoretical graduate studies and applied industrial work. Passion is the most important characteristic of an enjoyable career, and the KSC CS faculty recognize and expound this in their teaching.

Stephen Humer

March 17, 2015

Over my four year tenure at Keene State College (2010 – 2014), the Computer Science Department revealed a dedication to forward-looking academics and continuous improvement that inspired my ongoing interest in the field. From a complete re-work of the curriculum to include specializations ranging from Software Engineering to Web Development, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed completing, to the revival of the Computer Science club, the faculties endless work equipped students with the necessary educational foundation, community, and personal resources to pursue a fulfilling vocation. Speaking of faculty, their wide and deep range of experiences in industry and academia alike were valuable in providing a complete student experience. As the class attendance sheets continue to grow in volume, the department’s success speaks for itself.

I was honored to receive the Ronald A. Tourgee Computer Science Recognition Award upon graduating; an award I feel was earned largely due to the aforementioned experiences.